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Application Payments

This form can be used to submit and pay for an application on-line using Visa or Mastercard.

After you click on the [Submit form] button below, you will be taken to the Westpac Payway site to actually make the payment.
This is a secure site where you will enter your credit card details. Mensa Australia itself does not collect this information nor hold it anywhere on this site.
Your phone number will be used as the customer reference number.

If the link does not work (and only then), you can manually access the Payway site by returning to this page and clicking this link. You will need to manually enter the amount and use the same telephone number, as the Customer Reference so we can match the payment to your order.

An email with your application details will be sent to the office. Once a confirmation from Payway is received, it will be processed.

Supervised test
Applicant must be over 14. Children under 14 can only become members based on an IQ test.
If under 18 must have parent's permission.

Applicant must not be a psychologist with IQ testing experience or must have Recruiting Officer's approval to apply for test.

Applicant must not have taken the supervised test previously or have Recruiting Officer's approval to apply for test.

An Applicant who does not meet the criteria for a Supervised Test should not apply for a Home Test.

For approval to waive any conditions email the Recruiting officer at

Psychologists form

The psychologist form is used to qualify for Mensa admission based on results of an IQ test conducted by a registered psychologist. The form itself must be filled in by the psychologist who performed the test.

Before you request the form, make sure that the test you took is one accepted by Mensa Australia as listed on our Join FAQ page and that your results are in the top 2%.

If both these conditions are not met the application will not be accepted, so do not apply for a form. Membership can still be obtained by passing a supervised test, provided the applicant is over 14.

Home test
These have been discontinued. We are introducing a new test after July and the old home tests are not similar to the new test and thus not helpful to candidates.

Note that supervised tests are usually held approximately 4 times per year in capital cities. The dates are available through a Quick link on the right of this form. It can take 6 weeks or so for results to be available, once a test is taken.

It can take a week or so before a pscychologists form is delivered to an applicant. This form must be filled in by the psychologist who supervised the IQ test, then returned to Mensa's Psychologist, who will evealuate and confirm the results. The time taken for this process will depend to a large extent on the responsiveness of the testing psychologist.

Fields denoted by * are required.

Please enter in dd/mm/yyyy format
Enter a mobile or home phone number with no spaces. This will be used to link your payment with your applicant.
Normally you would order only 1 of these, although some applicants order a home test for practice as well as the supervised test.
A Psychologist's form is required to qualify via an IQ test and must be completed by the psychologist who gave the test.
Concession rates are available to those with a Centrelink number. Students need a student ID or school.
You will have to enter additional information for a concession rate.
For a supervised test, Applicant must be 14 or over.
Applicants must confirm one of the age criteria and that they either meet the other criteria
or have the RO's approval if they are a psychologist or have taken the test before
Please supply Centrelink number, otherwise send explanatory email to
Tertiary students enter Institution and ID number
For secondary students please enter school name.

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