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Australian Mensa and Gifted Children

By its International Constitution, there is no age limit for membership of Mensa – intelligence above the 98th percentile of the population is the only requirement. Children and young people are therefore eligible to join Mensa as full members in their own right. Mensa also has the aim of nurturing intelligence in the community. Because of these two facts, Mensa naturally has a strong focus in helping Gifted Children.

Every national Mensa around the world has a voluntary officer, the Gifted Children’s Coordinator, who provides whatever assistance he or she is able to give, to gifted children, their families and teachers, the media, and anyone else who enquires. It is not necessary to be a member of Mensa, to contact the Gifted Children’s Coordinator for help or advice.

The Gifted Children’s Coordinator usually also administers any organised assistance, whether financial or other, which that National Mensa is able to offer to gifted children; this varies from country to country, depending on Mensa’s resources in that country.

According to the internationally accepted definition that a gifted child is a child with intelligence above the 95th percentile of the population, all Mensans were themselves gifted children. Mensa members therefore have a wealth of experience of the full range of problems and joys of being a gifted child.

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