WA Test May 2017

WA Test May 2017


27 May 2017
Time: 9:00 AM-10:40 AM
Venue: East Fremantle Testing
The exact address will be emailed when a test applicant books a test at this location
Cost: No charge once you are registered as a Test applicant
Members Cost: AU $No charge once you are registered as a Test applicant



What to bring:

Photo ID (i.e. driver's licence or passport)

An HB pencil and an eraser

No electronic devices may be used during the testing session, and mobile phones must be switched off.

Preparation for the test:

It’s a good idea to have an early night beforehand with little or no alcohol (even a couple of glasses can make a difference to how you perform in a test). On the day, be as stress-free as possible and wear comfortable clothes. As this may be your first exam for some time, we'll try to make it as pleasant and relaxing as possible, so try not to feel too nervous about the experience. Remember too, that your application is completely confidential, and only the Proctor and the necessary Mensa Administration officers know about it.

Good luck!