Australian Mensa Information Initiative

The Australian Mensa Information Initiative seeks to provide a number of brief reports answering a "frequently asked question". It is aimed at parents of Australian Mensa members, as well as the general public interested in fostering intelligence.

AMII editor: Rob Ashton
AMII concept: Alan D. Thompson

Australian Mensa provides this information which may be of interest to members or the public. The opinions expressed in this document are solely those of the author and not of Australian Mensa.

2016 AMII Acceleration Cover

What is acceleration and why would we accelerate a child through school? ´┐╝

By Professor Miraca Gross

Professor Miraca U. M. Gross is Emeritus Professor of Gifted Education in UNSW's School of Education as well as Director of GERRIC. She is recognised nationally and internationally as a leading authority on the education of gifted and talented students. Miraca is a recipient of the 1988 and 1990 Mensa International Education and Research Foundation Award for Excellence.

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2016 AMII Testing Cover

IQ testing: What is it and what do I need to know?

By Dr Gail Byrne

Dr Gail Byrne operates a practice, Exceptional Children, which specialises in assessing children. She has also been a teacher and Head of Special Education. For the past seventeen years she has served as Chairperson of the CHIP (Children of High Intellectual Potential) Foundation. She has many years’ experience assessing children on the Wechsler and Stanford Binet tests as well as educational and achievements tests.

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2017 AMII Advocacy Cover

How can parents tailor the best fit for gifted students’ education?

By Michele Juratowitch

Michele Juratowitch is Director of Clearing Skies, a practice established to provide a range of programs and services, including counselling for gifted youth and their families, advocacy in schools, seminars for students, teachers, and parents. She has qualifications in counselling and gifted education, worked for more than twenty years in schools and was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study the counselling and intervention needs of gifted children.

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2017 AMII Sensitivity Cover

´┐╝Celebrating your gifted child’s sensitivity

By Fiona Smith

Fiona Smith is the Director of the Gifted Minds practice. Fiona’s qualifications make her unique in the field, as she combines degrees in Psychology and Education, while specialising in gifted education. Fiona has worked with gifted individuals for the last eighteen years beginning at GERRIC (Gifted Education Research, Resource and Information Centre), UNSW, in 1998 and commencing her private practice in 2004.

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2017 AMII Motivation Cover

How to motivate and engage students who are gifted

By Professor Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin, PhD, is Scientia Professor, Professor of Educational Psychology, and Co-Chair of the Educational Psychology Research Group in the School of Education at the University of New South Wales, Australia. He specialises in motivation, engagement, achievement, and quantitative research methods.

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