How to Join Mensa - for Gifted children

Children aged under 14

Children under 14 cannot sit the Mensa supervised test. They must use an assessment from a registered psychologist using one of the Mensa accepted tests.

A list of the accepted tests are available here and the Full Scale IQ (FSIQ) or General Ability Index (GAI) listed on the test must be at a minimum in the 98th percentile. To make an application you must pay for an application form and the registered psychologist who undertook the testing must complete the application. They then send the application to the Mensa office and our consulting psychologist evaluates the form. The cost for the form and the evaluation is $40. Click here to request a Psychologists Form

For children aged 14 years and over.

Children aged 14 years and over may either:

Take the Mensa supervised entrance test (which is an IQ test). This costs $40 and testing sessions are usually held 4 times a year in the Capital cities and other places on request. Click here to register for a Supervised Test

or use the same process for children aged under 14 noted above.