Membership Benefits

It can be tough to be the smartest kid in the room, and Mensa provides wholehearted understanding and support for both children and families and a chance to meet and mix socially with other child members.

We have a national Gifted Children's Coordinator and run mailing lists, face book groups and an On-line forum for parents of gifted children.

Locally, each state plans its own activities. Some states hold activities specifically for children and others offer activities that are "child-appropriate" but open to all ages. Many have a dedicated Gifted children's Coordinator who organises these events.

There is no "junior" category of Mensa membership, although members under 18 get a concession on their fees. Members generally have the same rights and privileges whatever their age.

Youth are welcome at most Mensa events — unless the activity is limited to adults for some obvious reason (such as an activity in a casino or nightclub). Activities often include game nights, science days, visits to museums and guest speakers.

Internationally, Mensa has an online social networking group for teenagers that offers teens from across the world a safe network of like-minded friends with whom to connect.

Families are also welcome at local and national events such as the Annual Mensa Conference, which includes the Mensa Kids Conference.

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