Schools cooperating with Mensa

"Schools cooperating with Australian Mensa" is a pilot program commencing in Australia in February 2017. Please note that at this stage, the pilot is by invitation only.

Australian Mensa awards the title of “School cooperating with Australian Mensa” to primary, secondary, one-day gifted, and specialist schools which pay more attention to gifted children than is usual in most other schools in Australia. Necessary conditions to be met by all schools cooperating with Australian Mensa are listed below.

Pilot Schools (as at March 2017)

Please note that Australian Mensa Inc. as an organisation has no opinions. This means that the title “School cooperating with Mensa” is not an endorsement by Mensa of any particular school.

State School Grades Provisions Contact

Red Hill School



02 6205 7144


The Scots College


Activities and extension classes, acceleration options, grade skipping options.

02 9391 7771


Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Technology


Fully selected entry; International Baccalaureate.

07 3377 9333


Blackburn Primary School


Gifted provisions being designed.

03 9878 1483

SA Dara Village School 1-7

Gifted School.

0412 678 060


Melville Primary


Gifted program; cluster grouping acceleration options; early identification.

08 9330 2255


Perth Modern School


Selected, compacted acceleration options.

08 9380 0555


Pioneer Village School


Acceleration. Gifted & talented program 3-6.

08 9399 6999


Quintilian School


Accelerated learning; streamed literacy + numeracy; co-curricular gifted enhancement clubs; gifted and talented education coordinators.

08 9383 4274


“Schools cooperating with Australian Mensa” is an initiative being piloted by Australian Mensa, based on the proven concept developed by Mensa Czech Republic. Cooperation with Australian Mensa can be established after all of the below-mentioned conditions are met.

  • Cooperation between Australian Mensa and a school cannot be of a commercial nature.
  • Australian Mensa does not hold any opinion. This means that the title “School cooperating with Mensa” is not an endorsement by Mensa of any particular school.
  • The title of “School Cooperating with Australian Mensa” is not an automatic entitlement, and can be revoked at any time.

Mandatory conditions

  • Creating conditions for the education of gifted children.
  • Allowing IQ tests to be arranged at the school by authorised members or proctors of Australian Mensa in two-year intervals.
  • Putting a link to the website of Australian Mensa ( on the school website.
  • Informing students of Mensa activities (particularly on the school notice board and on the school website).
  • Maintaining an up-to-date presentation of the school at the website.
  • Sending a report on cooperation with Australian Mensa each year.
  • Promoting Australian Mensa.

Recommended activities

  • Establishing and running a Gifted Children’s Club or a Board Game Club.
  • Participating in conferences, seminars, and courses organised by Australian Mensa.
  • Identifying and supporting gifted children.
  • Educating teachers about gifted children.
  • Organising events aimed at intellect development.

Any school cooperating with Australian Mensa is entitled to:

  • Use the title “School cooperating with Australian Mensa” in its PR materials. Note that the Mensa logo is a protected trademark, and may not be used by schools at this time.
  • Publish events organised by the school and aimed at intellect development on the website of Australian Mensa.
  • Obtain a copy of each issue of TableAus (The Journal of Australian Mensa) magazine.
  • Get the latest information about activities organised by Australian Mensa.
  • Get advice on its activities aimed at intellect development.

More information

Contact the Gifted Children's Coordinator at