Gifted students Grants

Gifted Children's Grants

Bull Bequest

Each year grants are made by Australian Mensa under the terms of a bequest of Alan Wilfred Bull. According to the wishes of Mr Bull, the grants being offered from this Bequest are available only to children in Australia who have at least one parent, one grandparent, and one great-grandparent who were all domiciled in Australia. The grants are available to facilitate studies which are in advance of those usually undertaken by children of the same age.

Grants may be made for: special tuition fees, travel and accommodation expenses, equipment (including books, study materials, musical instruments, computers, software, etc), or for any specific purpose directly facilitating advanced studies by the child. The child must be less than 18 years old at 31st December next year.

Applications are judged on validity, and on detailed information explaining the quality and the importance to the applicant, of the purpose for the grant; the circumstances of the family, including total family income, and any other factors which contribute to the difficulty of providing assistance to the gifted child.

We expect to be able to make grants only to medium or low-income families, or families with other circumstances of hardship. Conditions of entry follow and an application form is available for download.

Application Form for Bull Bequest(PDF)

Gifted Students Grants

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Applicants not qualified for the Bull Bequest are encouraged to apply for a Mensa Grant from the Gifted Students Grants. These grants are not limited by age or family residence history and all gifted students living in Australia are eligible to apply. Gifted students who are Mensa members or have managed to overcome a disability and still succeed in their studies are especially encouraged to apply.

Application Form for Gifted Student Grant(PDF)

CONDITIONS OF APPLICATION for Bull Bequest or Gifted Students Grants:

  1. There is no application fee.
  2. Applications may be made by the child personally or by a parent, teacher, guardian, mentor, or any interested person on behalf of the child. Applications must be signed by the child (where applicable), and also signed by the child's parent or guardian and school principal.
  3. The child must be less than 18 years old at 31st December next year, if applying for Bull Bequest Grant.
  4. The decision of the National Committee of Mensa as to the amount and the award of any grant shall be final.
  5. Applications must be received by September 30.
  6. Applicants awarded a grant will be notified by email. All personal details of applicants will remain confidential to the Australian Mensa Gifted Children's Co-ordinator, and the National Committee of Australian Mensa. However, a general report on successful applications will be published in Australian Mensa's newsletter, TableAus.

The application form and conditions of application for this year's grant may be photocopied. In case of any questions, the Australian Mensa Gifted Children's Fund Administrator can be contacted via:

Australian Mensa Gifted Children’s Bull Bequest,
PO Box 566