• Australian Mensa Memberships

    This type is used for all members of Australian Mensa Inc.

    This includes members who pay annually by credit card, those who pay by direct debit and life members.

    Pricing options are separate types and consist of Full members, various concessions types and additional family members.

    It is not possible for anybody to sign up for these memberships directly. They must first qualify via a supervised test or prior evidence. See the Apply to Join option on the Membership menu.

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  • Family and guests

    Some non-members of Mensa may be granted a log in to this site.

    In particular, family and guests of members may apply so that they can be registered for events.

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  • Past members

    Former Mensa members can rejoin without needing to qualify again.

    Australian members who are already in the database will be approved and changed to the Rejoining member type. They can then change to a 12 month membership and pay their fees on-line..

    Members from other countries who have expired will need to have their membership confirmed. Once this is done they will be changed to the Expired overseas type. They can then sign up as a new member and will have an Australian membership number assigned. They should apply via the "Members from Other Countries" option.

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  • Overseas Members

    Members of Mensa in other countries can apply for a log in to the members section of this site and can transfer their membership to Australia if they are moving here.

    We will need to know the country where you are a member, your membership number and expiry date.

    These can be most quickly confirmed if you have a log in on the international web site, mensa.org.

    We will also accept membership applications from people who have sat and passed a Mensa admissions test in another country, even if they did not join.

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  • Applicant

    Membership of Mensa is available to any person who can demonstrate they have an IQ in the top 2% of the population.

    Prospective members can apply to  join by sitting our supervised entrance test or by providing prior evidence via a valid IQ test. Please check that your test is recognised by Mensa Australia and that it was administered correctly.

    Existing Members - do not apply for another person, eg a child, while logged in.  

    First log out and then apply for the other person using their name and details.

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