Member Benefits

Only members of Mensa receive the benefit of the following resources:

Local events

Each state, and the ACT, holds several events each month for local members, where you can socialise and engage in interesting activities. Events may include Dinners, Movies, Book Clubs, Games sessions, Speaker meetings or excursions to place of interest. Many states have a dedicated Gifted Childrens Coordinator who organises a number of events targeted at children each year. See the Event Calendar for some idea of events in your area.

Special Interest Groups

or SIGs, are groups of Mensa members with similar interests or backgrounds. There are SIGs to join from within Australia and around the world.

SIGHT (Service for Information, Guidance, and Hospitality to Travellers)

SIGHT assists travellers to find accommodation, guidance and social interaction with other Mensans, both within Australia and overseas.

On-line interaction

Australian Mensa has a number of email discussion groups and groups on Facebook, LInked-in, Google+ and other social media sites. You will also be able to get log-ins for the Mensa International site and many sites for other national Mensas and even join their social media groups.

Mensa emails

Members can now obtain a free email of the form

Mensa Boutique

Mensa members can purchase clothing and other items branded with the world-famous Mensa logo.

Gatherings and other major events

Members can participate in Mensa events in Australia and overseas. Each year, Mensa holds an Annual Mensa Conference (AMC) in Australia, with the next one in Hobart, November 2016. There are speakers, a Dinner and a welcome Cocktail party as well as the opportunity for informal interaction with other members from all over the country.

A Kids Conference is also held on the Saturday for Child members or children of Members.

Since 2013, a 10-day MAP Camp (for Mensans At Play) is also held in November, and is open to all members over 18.

The next Asian Mensa Annual Gathering will be in September 2016 in China. In 2017, Australia will host AMAG on the Gold Coast.

In addition there are annual and regional gatherings held throughout the year in America, Europe and Asia that members can attend, as well as the IBD, the meeting of the board of Mensa International.

Prizes and awards

Members who complete the second year of full time tertiary study or equivalent may be eligible for a book prize.