Joining FAQ

How can I qualify for Australian Mensa?

There are two routes by which you can qualify for Mensa. One is by sitting a Mensa supervised entry test (for candidates aged 14 and over). The other is by presenting evidence of a qualifying score in a standard IQ test taken elsewhere. Click on the Apply to join link to register as an applicant.

What kind of tests does Mensa use?

Australian Mensa runs its own supervised tests at regular intervals in capital cities and, less frequently, elsewhere. There are periodic sessions of supervised tests where usually between 5 and 20 people are tested. Individual testing arrangements can be made for candidates in remote areas. We use a modern multi-part IQ test which allows several IQ scores to be derived. A qualifying score in one of these will get you an invitation to join Mensa. A qualifying score is a result at or above the 98th percentile -- that is, a score in the range achieved by the top 2 percent of the population.

How long will it take?

The test itself takes under 1 hour.

Typically tests are held every three months in the capital cities of the larger states. For the smaller states testing will depend on applications received. Here is a link to the page where test dates are displayed.

Once you have taken the test it can take 6 to 8 weeks to get the results, depending on how many other tests are being evaluated by our Psychologist.

What results will I receive?

If you take a Supervised test, you will receive an IQ percentile score and if your score is in the top 2%, an invitation to join Mensa. If you wish to know your actual IQ in the different areas you can optionally request a report from our psychologist, for an additional fee.

What does it cost?

There is a fee of $60 (standard) or $40 (concession) for the test and evaluation. This be can be paid by credit card when you register on this site or via a cheque or money order after registration. If you join Mensa following a successful test result, there is an annual subscription fee to pay. See below for membership fees.

Is there a minimum age?

YES. You must have passed your 14th birthday to take our tests. Younger people are welcome to join Australian Mensa, but we cannot test them. They can qualify by the "Prior evidence" route: see below under "How can I join on the strength of an IQ score from elsewhere?"

Is it permissible to re-sit the test?

Unsuccessful applicants who sat the Australian supervised test prior to July 2014 may sit the new test at the next opportunity. You may be able to re-sit our tests at some time in the future, but you should contact the recruiting officer prior to re-applying (

It is still open to you to seek membership of Mensa through the "Prior evidence" route: see below under "How can I join on the strength of an IQ score from elsewhere?"

Where can I find practise tests?

IQ books with sample tests and explanations can be found in the psychology and self-help sections in bookshops and library. "Know Your Own IQ" and other books by H.J. Eysenck, although mostly not recent, give the scientific background on IQ testing and some sample tests and answers. There are books which set out to "teach you to raise your IQ" and which explain and provide exercises in each type of question.

Online "IQ tests" are not recognised as valid statistically, and can not be used for qualification, but may provide useful practise.

Tests on other Mensa sites may be available via our Practice Tests page.

Also see below under "Can I qualify on an online test?".

How do I join on the strength of an IQ score from elsewhere?

You can qualify by showing evidence of a qualifying score in one of the many standard IQ tests we accept. The test must be administered by a fully registered psychologist. If you have or can get evidence of a score at or above the 98th percentile in one of these tests, we will assess that evidence and, if it is acceptable, offer you membership.

Can I qualify on SAT or GRE scores?

No, not in Australia. Mensa in the USA accepts some versions of these US scholastic tests, but they are not accepted for direct entry to Australian Mensa. There are other variations in the list of tests accepted by Mensa in different countries. The National Supervising Psychologists are responsible for validating and checking external evidence, and the tests accepted reflect the local field of expertise. Evidence relating to tests not normally used in Australia can't be easily checked here; therefore, we can't accept them. If you fulfilled the local Mensa requirements in any country, you will be accepted for transfer into Australian Mensa.

Can I qualify on an online test?

Our approved tests for admission to Mensa are fully validated, standardised IQ tests. They have to be taken under supervised conditions (not self-administered) and not in any online version. There are currently NO, self administered, online tests accepted by psychologists as valid IQ tests, although at least one supervised version of an IQ test has been trialled in Australia.

An online test may, however, be helpful as practise or as a very rough indicator of your likely level in a supervised test.

What does membership cost?

Currently the Australian Mensa full-rate annual subscription is $99.00 per annum. A reduced rate of $49.50 applies to juniors (under 18), students, pensioners and unemployed. A second member in the same household can pay $30.00 for membership without separate publications. All membership rates are inclusive of GST.

Once I join, am I always a member?

No. You are a member so long as you pay your annual dues. But it is true that once you have been accepted as qualified for Mensa anywhere in the world, you remain qualified for life. There is never a requirement to be re-tested on account of age, illness, lapsed membership or any other reason.

I'm from another country, living temporarily in Australia. In which country should I apply to join?

If you are living in Australia for a few months or more (for example, you are a student at a university here) you should apply to join in Australia. You will be able to transfer to your home country's Mensa on your return there. Any subscription credit here will be honoured by the other Mensa organisation (up to 12 months).

I normally live in Australia but I'm temporarily studying/working in another country. In which country should I apply to join?

The normal rule is that you join where you are living. If you will be in the other country for a few months or more, you should apply to join in that country. If there is no Mensa organisation in that country, you can apply to be a Direct International Member.

You will be able to transfer to Australian Mensa on your return here. Australian Mensa will honour any subscription credit you may have with the other national Mensa at the time of your transfer, up to 12 months.