Rejoining Mensa

Anybody who has qualified for Mensa, in any country, is qualified for life. However to be a member you must have your subscription up to date.

Past members of Mensa can rejoin at any time, unless they have been expelled from the organisation.

You do not need to re-take the admissions test or re-supply proof of prior evidence.

If you were a member in another country when your membership expired, please use the "Members from other countries" option instead.

If your membership expired in the last 3 months you do not have to "Rejoin".

You can simply RENEW your membership by logging in and going to Membership and payments in the Member Centre.

Your user name is usually of the form: firstname.lastname eg john.smith

Application to Rejoin

Please enter your current details below, then add any extra information that may help us identify you in our records, such as any previous name used, the address you had last time you were a member, your member number, when you were last a member  and so forth.