Test Applicant

Existing Members - do not apply for another person, eg a child, while logged in.  

First log out and then apply for the other person using their name and details.

Applicants may qualify to join Mensa by demonstrating they have an IQ in the top 2% of the population.

One method of qualifying is to sit our Supervised Entrance test.

These are generally held in the capital cities , with the larger cities holding tests every 3 months. The smaller ones will hold tests when they have candidates.

Applicants wishing to pay the concession price must bring proof to the testing session.

This can be a Centrelink or Pension card or a Student card.

Children between 14 and 18 years may sit the supervised test but require their parent's permission to do so.

People who sat the supervised test previously may only take the test again with the permission of the Recruiting officer. Usually this is only granted after 2 or more years have passed since the previous test was taken. However, if you sat your previous test before July 2014, you may sit another test at any time, since the admission test changed after that date.

Psychologists and psychology students may also only take the test  with the permission of the Recruiting officer

Registering as an applicant does NOT book you a place in a test, 

Once your application is processed you must log in, go to "Events and tests" menu and reserve your place in a particular test, where the date and place suit you. There is no additional cost to do this.

If you are unable to sit a test that you have booked, you can re-book for a later test at no additional cost,

This application fee is not refundable, even if you later decide not to sit a test.

Please select the appropriate type from the options below:

  • Standard

    Cost: $60 (GST inclusive)

  • Concession

    Cost: $40 (GST inclusive)