Australian Mensa gives grants of $18,000 to Gifted Children

28th Nov 15

Australian Mensa administers 2 funds which are used to award grants to gifted children.

The Bull Bequest is targeted at 4th generation Australians from families where financial hardship is a factor. The Gifted Student Fund has less rigorous selection criteria, but  financial hardship is again a factor in selecting the recipients.

We are aware that these grants can profoundly affect the life of a child who has received one. Not only do they benefit directly from the cash amount which enables them to purchase items or participate in activities otherwise out of their reach, but the receipt of such a grant often boosts their self esteem and impacts on they way they are viewed in their school and community.

Our original allocation of $13,000, based on the income from the investments of fund money, allowed grants to be made to 13 children. A further $5000 was made available and 5 extra recipients selected. This corresponded to the amount set aside for a research grant that was not awarded this year.

Our recipients ranged in age from 6 to 13 years and the values of individual grants were from $350 to $2000. Awards were for IT equipment, Courses/tutors, assessments, Youth Orchestra membership and musical instruments.

The grants are awarded annually with applications closing in September.