Mensa contacts

For general enquiries

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For enquiries about rejoining, renewing or transferring membership from overseas

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See options on Membership menu first. You do not need a login code to access this menu.

For enquiries about travel assistance for members travelling to or from overseas

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For enquiries about gifted children

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Also see the items on the Gifted Children menu

For enquiries about grants to Gifted Students

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Media enquiries

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You can also contact Australian Mensa by calling or faxing our office number on: * (08) 9274 5544 from inside Australia, or * +61 8 9274 5544 from outside Australia,

or by writing to the following address:

Australian Mensa Inc
Suite 12, 8-12 Stafford St
Midland, WA 6056

Please note : our office is only occupied part-time, so response may take several days. If the office is unoccupied, the phone number may be in fax mode.