Web sites of Australian members

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Australian Members' Web pages

Member Web Site Description
Ray Cologon, PhD http://www.nightwing.com.au/FileMaker NightWing Enterprises
Robin Craig http://www.thoughtware.com.au/ Thoughtware
Keith De La Rue http://delarue.net/ Personal
Jason Betts http://www.psiq.org/ World Genius Directory
Daniel Piechnick http://www.pegaweb.com Photoshop tutorials for beginners
Daniel Piechnick http://websitesetupguide.com/ Guide, shows beginners how to set up a website
Terry Sheridan http://www.guardianangelpeople.com/ Guardian Angel People
Neil Speirs http://eclipselimericks.com Astronomy limericks and eclipse-chasing blog
Jeff Richardson http://internetmarketingacademy.com.au/ Internet Marketing services
Internet Marketing seminars and education
Tania Hunt http://www.huntedweb.com/ Educational
Giulio Zambon http://zambon.com.au/ Personal
Martin Leeuwangh http://www.martinleeuwangh.com/ Patent Attorney
Kymberley Wilson http://www.graphtec.net.au/ Software development
Martin Wurzinger http://www.otoom.net Education - how the mind works
Craig Stevens


Charity supplying shoes to needy Perth Children
Company compliance consultant

Non-Mensan pages of interest

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